St. John's Children

What is it?
St. John’s Children's Ministry is for children of primary school age. We have a committed and loving team who teach the children the Bible using games, stories, craft and music.

The children are often divided into two groups, 4-6 year olds & 7-11 year olds, but do come together for an all-age session regularly as well
When is it? 
It takes place during our 11an Service every week except the 2nd Sunday of each month (during school term time), when the children usually leave the morning service to go to groups about halfway through our service.
The service will make it clear when this moment is.
Children will need to be collected in the small hall by a parent/carer at the end of the service. The area used will be secure, and all leaders are DBS checked as per usual, and other adults who wish to find out more about helping should please speak to Nicky Pinkney.